Saturday, October 11, 2008

New Space Marine Codex

I've just come home after buying the new Space Marine codex, and first of all, it's a whopper. And a half. 144 pages, I think that's like 70 pages more than the last one (off the top of my head).
Flicking through it, I can see 50 pages of background, including an in-depth look at how a Space marine is created - all the implants and stuff -, chapters of recognition and the entire second company of the Ultramarines (who, by the way, I am painting my AoBR marines as).

I haven't got to the army list yet, cos I've got a bucket load of homework, but i will in due course and ill post an experimental army list here by next weekend. Recommendations are welcomed and highly encouraged, not just for the army list but any uber-cool models you might have picked up.

I know i promised some pics of the marines I've painted, but unfortunately the digital camera my family owns is totally stuffed, and i cant upload anything. I know thats a really cop out excuse, but its the truth.

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