Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Best Laid Plans

here it is. please give me advice on how units perform, any useless upgrades, deployment tricks, and also if it fits in with the theme of a raven guard assault force. im not sure if the land raider fits in with the fluff


Shadow Captain Kayvaan Shrike
195 points


Tactical squad, 10 men with flamer and missile launcher. Drop Pod.
205 points

Tactical squad, 10 men with flamer and missile launcher. Drop Pod.
205 points

Tactical Squad, 10 men with flamer and multi-melta. Drop Pod.
205 points

Tactical Squad, 10 men with flamer. Drop Pod.
205 points

Scout Squad, 5 men with sniper rifles and camo cloaks.


Dreadnought with twin linked autocannon.

Fast Attack

Land Speeder Squadron, 2 Land Speeders, 1 with Typhoon missile system, 1 with heavy flamer and assault cannon.
180 points

Vanguard Veteran Squad, 5 men, sergeant has thunder hammer. Jump Packs.
190 points

Heavy Support

Land Raider.
250 points.

Total Points cost : 1750

My deployment would be everything except the land raider held in reserve, then drop pod assault in turn 1 in my enemy's deployment zone. if the tac sqauds split into combat squads, thats 4 scoring units right next to his objective on the first turn, accompanied by a dreadnought. i deep strike the rest in subsequent turns, all near his objective, while the scouts sit tight on mine, hopefully with a good cover save, and the land raider storms through the middle of the table attracting as much attention as possible.

But you know what they say about best laid plans.

P.S i realise that besides the lascannons on the raider there is nothing that can take down say, a leman russ, at range, and if i use the raider as a huge distraction, poof! there goes my antitank.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

New Space Marine Codex

I've just come home after buying the new Space Marine codex, and first of all, it's a whopper. And a half. 144 pages, I think that's like 70 pages more than the last one (off the top of my head).
Flicking through it, I can see 50 pages of background, including an in-depth look at how a Space marine is created - all the implants and stuff -, chapters of recognition and the entire second company of the Ultramarines (who, by the way, I am painting my AoBR marines as).

I haven't got to the army list yet, cos I've got a bucket load of homework, but i will in due course and ill post an experimental army list here by next weekend. Recommendations are welcomed and highly encouraged, not just for the army list but any uber-cool models you might have picked up.

I know i promised some pics of the marines I've painted, but unfortunately the digital camera my family owns is totally stuffed, and i cant upload anything. I know thats a really cop out excuse, but its the truth.

Friday, October 3, 2008

The First Post

Hi everyone, i'm eugene and i have just started playing 40k properly with the Assault On Black Reach box set. Admittedly, i have been painting and buying since July last year when i got my first models, but I have been lacking direction, motivation and the meagre amount of skill I have accumulated over 1 year despite playing a grand total of 0 games. With the advent of AoBR, i have decided to finally pull up my socks and start playing and painting properly. I hope you enjoy my blog, and forgive me for the infinite number of mistakes i will make seeing as im a total rookie. it should be interesting

pics of my painted space marines coming next week