Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Best Laid Plans

here it is. please give me advice on how units perform, any useless upgrades, deployment tricks, and also if it fits in with the theme of a raven guard assault force. im not sure if the land raider fits in with the fluff


Shadow Captain Kayvaan Shrike
195 points


Tactical squad, 10 men with flamer and missile launcher. Drop Pod.
205 points

Tactical squad, 10 men with flamer and missile launcher. Drop Pod.
205 points

Tactical Squad, 10 men with flamer and multi-melta. Drop Pod.
205 points

Tactical Squad, 10 men with flamer. Drop Pod.
205 points

Scout Squad, 5 men with sniper rifles and camo cloaks.


Dreadnought with twin linked autocannon.

Fast Attack

Land Speeder Squadron, 2 Land Speeders, 1 with Typhoon missile system, 1 with heavy flamer and assault cannon.
180 points

Vanguard Veteran Squad, 5 men, sergeant has thunder hammer. Jump Packs.
190 points

Heavy Support

Land Raider.
250 points.

Total Points cost : 1750

My deployment would be everything except the land raider held in reserve, then drop pod assault in turn 1 in my enemy's deployment zone. if the tac sqauds split into combat squads, thats 4 scoring units right next to his objective on the first turn, accompanied by a dreadnought. i deep strike the rest in subsequent turns, all near his objective, while the scouts sit tight on mine, hopefully with a good cover save, and the land raider storms through the middle of the table attracting as much attention as possible.

But you know what they say about best laid plans.

P.S i realise that besides the lascannons on the raider there is nothing that can take down say, a leman russ, at range, and if i use the raider as a huge distraction, poof! there goes my antitank.


scdarkangel said...

try to get the lascannon on your dred.

RonSaikowski said...

My experience with drop pods is somewhat limited. I used them with my BTs for a little while and found the best approach was an all or nothing route. Everything in pods or nothing at all.

When I think of Raven Guard, I think of assault squads like Blood Angels... but then again I don't know all the fluff associted with Raven Guard.

foxwolf said...

thanks guys

@ scdarkangel : thats probably a wise investment, because if i cut out the land raider and make it a 1500 point army ( as i plan to do) Itll be my primary tank killer.

@ron : raven guard are covert ops ish in my mind, no nosense like robes and stuff...... " Right, everyobdy out of the Rhino." BAM PLOD PLOD PLOD RIIIIIIIIP! "Brother belial...did your robe get caught in the door..... again?"

i plan to take it all in drop pods except for the vanguard, speeders and scouts, the first 2 of which can deep strike anyway. the scouts will just sit tight and hope my opponent forgets they're there.